Hillary Clinton Turns The Tables As Foundation Scandal Sinks Donald Trump

The script has flipped as Hillary Clinton is demanding that Donald Trump releases his tax returns after a new report found that the Republican nominee illegally used funds from his charitable foundation to settle lawsuits.

After the Washington Post reported that Trump used more than a quarter million dollars from his charity to settle lawsuits against his businesses, Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Communications Director, Christina Reynolds said:

Clearly the Trump Foundation is as much a charitable organization as Trump University is an institute of higher education. Trump’s version of charity is taking money from others to settle his own legal issues and buy at least two pictures of himself, which experts say is a clear violation of laws governing charitable organizations. Once again, Trump has proven himself a fraud who believes the rules don’t apply to him. It’s past time for him to release his tax returns to show whether his tax issues extend to his own personal finances.

It was Donald Trump who made candidate charities an issue by roaming the country screaming play for pay at his rallies, but the Clinton Foundation “scandal” that they concocted never took off. What did happen is that the media continued to look into Trump’s own foundation.

The investigation by David Fahrenthold of The Washington Post began when the newspaper was trying to track down Trump’s promised donation to veterans groups. What has been uncovered is a misuse of charitable funds that is an illegal act of fraud on a massive scale.

This is the conversation that Republicans wanted to have, and it has created a problem for their nominee less than one week before the first presidential debate.

The tables have been turned as a Republican attack on Hillary Clinton has exposed the criminal activity of Donald Trump.