Mike Pence Just Gave The Dumbest And Most Dangerous Answer Of The Entire Campaign

When asked how Trump’s plan to profile immigrants would work, Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence gave an answer that was both incredibly dumb and dangerous to the country.


NBC News’s Kelly O’Donnell asked Pence how Trump’s plan to profile immigrants would work.

Pence answered:

Well, I think it’s all about common sense. Donald Trump and I talk to law enforcement officers every day on the campaign trail, and I’m proud that my running mate and I have been endorsed by the largest police officers union in the United States, three hundred and thirty thousand strong, Fraternal Order of Police, but talking with law enforcement officers, they’ll tell you that today they feel like they operate in an environment of political correctness where they can’t use common sense to target their resources and target their energies against individuals who would be most likely a potential threat to our families and the safety of our communities.

O’Donnell asked Pence if profiling can violate rights. He answered, “Well, of course, it can,” and then talked more about the importance of common sense.

Pence never answered the question about how Trump’s plan to profile immigrants would work. His answer was some idiotic nonsense about political correctness and common sense.

The Republican Party was the party of individual liberty, but under Donald Trump, the “common sense” of the president overrides the constitutional rights and protections of the American people. Gov. Pence’s answer wasn’t just idiotic. Pence expressed a form of idiocy that presents a danger to fundamental individual rights that are the backbone of the republic.