Trump, Who Says He Will Save America, Cowers in Fear of Reporters at Fox News

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CNN’s Brian Stelter has noted, in an observation sure to be unfavorably received by Donald Trump, that the GOP nominee has retreated “to friendly media ground.” In other words, Fox News.

Trump is saying “yes” to Fox News almost every day but saying “no” to most other major networks and news organizations — a highly unusual strategy for a presidential nominee.
He called into “Fox & Friends” on Monday morning, he is booked on “The O’Reilly Factor” Monday night, and he has another town hall with Sean Hannity coming up on Wednesday.
Rousing the base instead of reaching out to undecided voters may ultimately pay off for Trump. If nothing else, it limits the candidate’s exposure to hard-hitting questions — while fueling frustration among journalists.
Trump’s surrogates continue to say that he is more accessible than Hillary Clinton, but that is no longer true.

As Stelter pointed out, just Monday Newt Gingrich claimed at a rally that Clinton “doesn’t do press conferences,” even though she held six press conferences in the past three weeks while Trump hid from reporters – including one held Monday morning.

Stelter points to the lie: “Trump has not held a press conference since July.”

The Daily Mail’s David Martosko pointed to the truth Monday in a tweet:

It isn’t that Trump hasn’t been busy. He’s been busy trying to jury rig the debates in his favor with repeated claims of media bias, so that either the moderators will be bullied into giving him a Chris Wallace-type pass, or so he can complain about a rigged system when he performs badly.


Because, you know, it’s unfair to expect actual facts to come out of his mouth instead of the usual torrent of lies.

Which leaves Donald Trump more or less hiding at Fox News, where people like Bill O’Reilly won’t ask him uncomfortable questions about Roger Ailes’ help in preparing for his upcoming debate with Hillary Clinton.

Where Sean Hannity will, alone in the media, actually praise Trump’s birtherism, calling it a thing of “artistic beauty”

Fox News ensures all those angry old white folks get his message, but, as Stelter points out,

“According to Nielsen data, only 1.5% of Hannity’s 2 million nightly viewers are African American. Overall, at any given time of day, about 2% of Fox News viewers are African American.”


Trump is supposed to be the tough guy, the strong man who will not only make America great again, but America safe again, while he hides from the mainstream media and questions he doesn’t want asked, and for which he has no answers likely to be believed outside Fox News.

Donald Trump won’t answer questions. He doesn’t even want to hear them. He won’t release his tax returns, he won’t release his medical report, and he won’t reveal the details of his overseas business ties.

He says he will make America great again, safe again. It’s hard to picture a coward like this doing anything of the sort, because if you’re president, you don’t get to hide.

Maybe his next book should be ‘The Art of Cowering.’ At least that is something for which he doesn’t need a ghost writer.

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