GOP Nightmares Coming True As Obama’s Popularity Could Swing North Carolina To Clinton

A new poll reveals that the race for the White House in North Carolina is as close as it gets, but Republicans may lose thanks to President Obama’s popularity.

PPP has the details of their latest poll of the state:

Donald Trump leads the race in the state with 45% to 43% for Hillary Clinton and 6% for Gary Johnson. But when Johnson voters and undecideds are asked who they would pick if they had to choose between Clinton and Trump, the contest moves into a tie at 47%.


62% of them would prefer more Obama, to only 5% who would take Trump’s direction. If those folks voted for Clinton and Trump along the same lines, Clinton would have a 50/48 advantage in the state.

Only 10% of them have a favorable opinion of Clinton, to 75% with an unfavorable view. Of course that puts her in better stead than Trump who literally none of the voters in this group see favorably, to 79% who have a negative opinion of him….Overall 51% of voters in the state would rather have four more years of Obama to 46% who prefer Trump.

The North Carolina poll confirms that Hillary Clinton has a huge political asset in the popularity of President Obama. It is possible that Obama could swing North Carolina into Hillary Clinton’s column because voters in the state are expressing a preference for four more years of Obama over Trump.

Trump and the GOP have used the argument that Hillary Clinton’s election would equal another Obama term, but in a state like North Carolina, that argument could backfire and get Clinton elected.

Republicans thought that they were done with losing to Obama. The GOP’s worst nightmare would be having to run against the popular president again. Their nightmares are going to come true as the Clinton campaign will likely deploy the President to the Tar Heel State often and frequently.

Even though he isn’t on the ballot, President Obama to play a gigantic role in a potential third straight White House defeat for the Republican Party.