With His Poll Numbers In Decline, Donald Trump Goes Into Hiding On Fox News

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:13 pm

Donald Trump’s poll numbers are in decline, which is why in the last five days the Republican candidate has spent 2 hours on Fox News and 0 minutes anywhere else.

Sopan Deb of CBS News broke down the numbers behind Trump’s media retreat:

Trump’s decision to only appear exclusively on Fox News came after last week’s birther fiasco and fake press conference. Donald Trump hasn’t taken questions from reporters in nearly two months and has spent all of his media time ahead of the first presidential debate appearing on Fox.

It may seem impossible for a candidate whose national support levels haven’t budged since the Republican primaries, but Trump has found a way to appeal to fewer voters. Fox News has an average daily audience of 2-3 million. With mere weeks to go before voters head to the polls, Trump is spending his media time with an outlet that reaches less than 1% of registered voters.

Hiding from the media and difficult questions is not the best to prepare for the first presidential debate, but that is exactly what Donald Trump is doing. Days before he is set to square off with Hillary Clinton on the biggest national stage of his life. Trump is taking softball questions from Sean Hannity and Fox and Friends.

Donald Trump is the candidate that Fox News created, so it was fitting that Fox is playing a key role in the sinking of the Republican Party.

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