New Poll Shows Voters Overwhelmingly Agree With Hillary Clinton on ‘Deplorables’

A a new Associated Press-GfK poll conducted between September 15 and September 19, tells the story: far from hurting herself, Hillary Clinton struck a nerve with the majority of Americans who are sick of Donald Trump’s hate rhetoric: “Sixty percent of registered voters say he does not respect ‘ordinary Americans,’ according to the poll. That’s far more than the 48 percent who say the same about Clinton.”

More than half of registered voters say Trump is a racist, according to the new poll.

Almost two-thirds of voters say Trump isn’t compassionate, and it isn’t as if Trump’s own supporters think that word describes him, with a shocking 40 percent of those who say they’ll likely vote for Trump saying “compassionate” is not a word they’d use to describe their candidate.

In other words, this is not Hillary Clinton’s “47 percent” moment. Given that 88 percent of those polled self-identified as Christian, and 29 percent as Evangelical, with more conservatives than liberals polled, the numbers do not bode well for Trump, who is trying to present himself –and being received as – some sort of white Christian messiah.

The truth is, Americans are not fooled by Trump, and most are offended by the racist and misogynist rhetoric coming out of his campaign, both out of the mouth of Trump himself and his many surrogates. As The Washington Post‘s Greg Sargent put it, the “New AP poll finds Trump complaints about “deplorables” are missing the mark.”

This new poll demonstrates that far from hurting herself, Hillary Clinton has helped herself by making a connection with American voters, who, by and large, agree with her.