Clinton Camp Gets Real With The Media By Calling Out Anti-Fact Check Pro-Trump Bias

The Clinton campaign is calling out the media’s refusal to fact check Donald Trump as pro-Trump bias.

Video of Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon on CNN’s Reliable Sources:

Transcript via CNN’s Reliable Sources:

STELTER: You all have released a list of what you say are Trump’s seven deadly lies. You’ve released the multi-page briefing for reporters, detailing what you all see are lies from Trump and his campaign that you believe Lester Holt should rebut if they come up on stage. Why are all taking this pro-fact-checking position?

FALLON: Well, we’ve never seen a candidate like Donald Trump in the history of presidential politics. Just today, “Politico” has a new story out. They assessed his claims on the trail over the last week and they judged that he told a lie approximately every three minutes.

This is somebody who PolitiFact last year anointed the liar of the year and said that 75 percent of the claims that judged were lies from Donald Trump.

And so, our point is, if you’re going to have Donald Trump on that debate stage for 90 minutes and a moderator who takes a hand’s off approach and says that they are not going to fact-check the candidates, that they’re going to sit there and close their ears to Donald Trump’s lies, it will extend an unfair bias to Donald Trump. It will be the equivalent of giving him more time to speak.

STELTER: You would agree with me, though, that Clinton sometimes also shades the truth? You may not agree with me on that, but would you agree that Lester Holt should hold both candidates accountable for any misstatements or falsehoods?

FALLON: Absolutely. We are not asking Lester Holt to do anything to Donald Trump that we don’t think that he should do to Hillary Clinton. Hold both candidates accountable.

What the Clinton campaign is talking about is fairness. Presidential debates should not be about which candidate can get away with the most lies in 90 minutes. The three debates are as close to a job interview as the candidates are going to get before election day.

The candidate who lies at their job interview should not be rewarded by the person conducting the interview.

The press has gotten away with pro-Trump bias by not holding the Republican nominee to a factual standard.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has had enough, and they are fighting back against the media’s anti-fact pro-Trump bias.