Paul Ryan Gave The Dumbest Answer Ever When Asked If Trump Should Be Held To The Facts

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan gave an answer that was so stupid on CBS’s Face The Nation that it perfectly summed up how the Republican Party created Donald Trump.


Transcript via CBS’s Face The Nation:
DICKERSON: Wait. I’m asking about — but you know there is a standard that a candidate has to live up to, right? You’re trying to build a mandate.

RYAN: Sure.

So, I think Donald Trump is new. He’s a business guy running for president. So, you’re not going to see a conventional campaign because he is not a conventional politician. He’s not even a politician.

Speaker Ryan doesn’t think that Donald Trump should be held to the factual standard for presidential candidates because he is new and he isn’t a politician.

Winning the Republican presidential nomination means that Donald Trump is a politician. By definition a politician a person who is a candidate for office, so Donald Trump is a politician.

Secondly, since when is there a different standard for being new at politics? Trump doesn’t get to be graded on a curve because he has never run for president before. If Trump wins the White House, he isn’t going to be a trainee president. He will be expected to do the job on day one.

Rep. Ryan was advocating for politicians not to be held to a factual standard, which has become the de facto mantra of the Republican Party.

Ryan’s answer was stupid on many levels, because Donald Trump is such a terrible nominee that he makes and Republican foolish enough to defend him look like an idiot.

Speaker Ryan is proof that the war on facts isn’t limited to Donald Trump.