Trump Becomes The Biggest Liar In US Political History By Lying Once Every 3 Minutes

Here’s the reason why the Clinton campaign wants Trump fact checked in real time. Fact checkers found that over a five-day period, Donald Trump lied once every 3 minutes and fifteen seconds.

Politico’s fact checkers tallied up every false public statement that Trump made this week, and the results were striking:

Number of appearances: 6 speeches; 1 town hall, 7 TV interviews; 0 press availabilities; 37 tweets

Combined length of remarks (speeches, interviews): 4 hours and 43 minutes

Raw number of misstatements, exaggerations, falsehoods: 87

Rate: 1 untruth every 3.25 minutes

Here are the same numbers for Hillary Clinton this week:
Number of appearances: 2 speeches; 3 TV interviews; 1 press availability; 114 tweets; 2 op-eds

Combined length of remarks (speeches, interviews): 96 minutes and 10 seconds

Raw number of misstatements, exaggerations, falsehoods: 8

Rate: 1 untruth every 12 minutes

The frustrating thing for Democrats is that Trump is making false statements ten times more often than the Democratic candidate, yet, some polls suggest that voters feel that Clinton is more dishonest than Trump. Some of this perception about Clinton could be leftover damage done to the family’s political brand by her husband’s scandals, but the facts don’t match the perception.

Donald Trump is the biggest liar ever to be a party’s nominee for president. Trump can’t go 5 minutes without lying. At his current pace, he can be expected to tell 25-30 lies at the first presidential debate.

This is why the Clinton campaign wants moderators to fact check Trump in real time. Trump’s lies come in such a large volume that it is nearly impossible for his opponents to both fact check him and discuss their own agendas.

Donald Trump is rewriting the rules for running for president by intentionally being dishonest at an unprecedented rate. The same rules can’t apply to Trump that applied to other candidates, which is why he must be fact checked during the debates.