Alex Jones Wants Donald Trump to Accuse Hillary Clinton of Treason Tonight

In what is no doubt a big seller to Trump’s alt-right crowd as well as the die-hard Hillary haters who went along with Bernie Sanders for the ride, Alex Jones wants Donald Trump to accuse Hillary Clinton of treason at tonight’s debate. And yes, Alex Jones, like Trump, dared to abuse the word “truth” – something neither man knows anything about.

Jones accused Clinton of being on “the payroll of the communist Chinese,” even though it is Trump who has his clothing line manufactured in China, and the Chinese today are less communist than capitalists. He accused her of being a criminal (no surprise given Trump’s ‘Crooked Hillary’ moniker) and compared her to the Rosenbergs. Yes, if the tinfoil hats fit, wear them.

Watch courtesy of Media Matters for America:

ALEX JONES: I think Trump should point out: Hey normally I’m very very nice to ladies. But quite frankly I don’t consider you to be one because of your record. And she can’t stop him for fifteen minutes and I’d just run through Libya, and Syria and the cattle futures and the corruption and the Benghazi stand down and just crime and lying about the servers and everything else. So I’d say stop hiding behind the fact that you’re a woman. Stop using that — just like these women that are con artists and then use that to basically carry out their crimes. He needs to go ahead and take her quote strength and make it her weakness.
You’re on the payroll of the communist Chinese. You admittedly – it’s come out in the Wikileaks documents – get millions of dollars, basically, from the Chinese government. You should be indicted. You’re a criminal. You’re a spy. And you know what? The Rosenbergs, one of them was a woman and they still went to the electric chair. See, that’s how you lay it out. You say, listen, I don’t like seeing women get thrown in prison, but quite frankly it doesn’t matter, a lot of women end up getting the death penalty, Hillary.
For the crimes you’ve committed, and the treason you’ve been involved in, you need to be indicted for treason. That’s what I’d tell her. It will destroy her and the mainstream media on the spot. I would quadruple and then quadruple and then quadruple and then quadruple down again with just absolute devastation on her.
Because it’s the truth. I would let her have it with everything.

Donald Trump is the candidate with all the legal problems. He is the candidate whose business ties conflict with our nation’s national security interests. He is the guy with ties to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and Russian oligarchs, the guy who depends on foreign banks because no American bank will ever trust him again. The guy who won’t release his tax returns or his medical records.

Because Trump is completely untrustworthy, so dishonest that even America’s newspapers have called him out for lying all the time, Jones thinks Trump needs to accuse Hillary Clinton of pretty much everything he himself is guilty of, plus a little extra. No doubt, Trump will do just that. He’s been doing it already, after all.

Sadly, this is today’s Republican Party. The party of conspiracy theories and outlandish claims and blame-shifted scandals, like Roger Stone’s claim yesterday that “globalists” killed JFK and brought down Nixon.

One need only look from Trump to the crazies in his cheering section to realize that tonight, the death bells toll for the once Grand Old Party.

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