Bloomberg TV Says it Will Fact Check Debate

Politico’s Kelsey Sutton reports that there is somebody out there willing to fact-check tonight’s debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump at Hofstra University: “Bloomberg TV will conduct on-screen fact checks of statements made by both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton during Monday night’s debate.”

While fact-checking on the news networks will be limited to post-debate coverage, when many viewers will have tuned away, saying real-time fact-checking is too difficult (apparently letting Donald Trump tank the economy, deprive 20 million people of insurance, and start wars when his feelings get hurt, isn’t incentive enough), the only fact checking debate viewers could count on up until now was that which they could find online, like NPR.

Bloomberg’s willingness to actually fact-check is a breath of fresh air in an autumn of indifference among the mainstream media outlets, who have preferred instead to enable Donald Trump in favor of ratings. Bloomberg’s coverage starts at 8:30pm ET @Twitter at