On Day of Hofstra Debate, Fox News Still Pushing Trump’s Debunked Birther Lies

As a reminder of what to expect this evening at the Hofstra debate, when Hillary Clinton faces off with the biggest liar ever to run for president, Fox & Friends refuses this morning to give up on Trump’s birther conspiracy.

In discussing what tactics Clinton might use against Trump. Geraldo Rivera pointed to the “birther nonsense” and Trump’s bankruptcies. Steve Doocy was having none of that, however, reminding the Fox News crowd that Hillary Clinton started the birther movement – even though she didn’t. Trump did.

Watch courtesy of Media Matters for America:

BRIAN KILMEADE : [Hillary Clinton has] got to stop [Donald Trump] in his tracks.
GERALDO RIVERA: She will, I believe, remind people about the birther nonsense. She will remind people about bankruptcies.
STEVE DOOCY: Which is ironic because her campaign started it.
RIVERA: Well, be that as it may, I think that that will be her weapon.

Geraldo Rivera clearly wasn’t buying into Doocy’s claim but did not wish to argue the point in front of an audience looking to have Trump’s lies confirmed as truth. Even lies that have been as thoroughly debunked as what he calls Trump’s “birther nonsense.”

It seems beyond doubt that Trump will bring up the birther routine again at the debate. Clinton will refute his lies, and if all goes Trump’s way, the moderator, NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt, will let Trump lie early and often.

Clinton has the material to refute at least 19 pages of Trump lies, and probably more. Trump’s hope is to bury his more experienced opponent under an avalanche of lies, spewing them faster than she can refute them, and literally lies his way to victory as he keeps her on the defensive.