Fox News Is Suicidal After Hillary Clinton Trounced Trump At Presidential Debate

Fox News is nearly suicidal after Donald Trump was routed by Hillary Clinton in the first presidential debate.


Brit Hume immediately criticized Trump for his facial expressions saying that Trump looked annoyed. Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly, and Juan Williams moaned and groaned that Trump only briefly talked about Clinton’s emails.

Kelly said, “There was a lot of time that he was given to exploit the issue, which was a major issue in the campaign, and it went unused.”

The Fox coverage then cut to Sean Hannity backstage with Trump for some post-debate propaganda.

After Trump and Hannity had cuddled for a bit, the coverage went back to Baier and Kelly. Megyn Kelly pointed out that Clinton sliced and diced Trump. Even Fox News noticed that Clinton was on the offensive during the debate while Trump played defense.

The mood of the coverage at Fox News is completely glum and dire, which is the biggest sign yet that Republicans know that Donald Trump did poorly in the first presidential debate.