Media Rocked By New Poll Of Voters Demanding That Moderators Fact Check Debates

Voters are demanding that the debate moderators fact check the candidates during the debate according to a new poll.

The latest Monmouth University poll found Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by 4 points (46%-42%), and highlighted the disconnect between what voters want and the media on the issue of moderators fact-checking the debates:

Most voters (60%) believe one of the duties of the moderators is to fact check candidates who state false information during the debates. Only 31% say the moderators should leave it to the candidates to point out any false statements by their opponent. Trump supporters (46%) are less likely than either Clinton backers (69%) or third party supporters and undecided voters (69%) to say that the debate moderators should fact check the candidates.

Voters want fact checks during the debates. Nearly half of Trump supporters want debate moderators to fact-check the candidates. The American people want to be informed. Fact checking isn’t a matter of partisan politics but of the media doing their job of vetting the presidential candidates.

The corporate media are setting themselves up for a giant public backlash if they continue to insist on keeping fact checking out of the debates.

There is no point in having journalists moderate the presidential debates if they aren’t going to fact check. Voters are fed up with a do-nothing Congress, and a government that doesn’t get things done. This attitude has spilled over to the media, and the networks are playing with fire if they continue to insist that moderators do not fact check at the debates.

The media has been warned. Voters are angry, and they are going to take out their rage on the press if they screw up these debates.