Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald to Live Fact-Check Debate on Twitter

Newsweeks’ Kurt Eichenwald, as disgusted as most Democrats by the state of the mainstream media’s ongoing obeisance to Donald Trump, has volunteered his services on twitter to fact check, as best he can, the torrent of lies coming out of Donald Trump’s mouth.

The more people and organizations, like Bloomberg TV, willing to fact check Donald Trump the better, given the mainstream media’s abrogation of responsibility tonight.

It is important as Eichenwald has reminded viewers, to not become distracted by noise, like “members of my profession” who “discuss debate winner based on voice tone, sneezes, one-liners, clothes or anything but policy.”

His advice is to “ignore them.” Echoing Bernie Sanders, who said tonight is “not a night of entertainment,” Eichenwald reminds us that tonight “is the ultimate test of whether journalists want to be journalists or blow hard entertainers who talk about expectations.”