CNN Post-Debate Poll Is A Blowout Win For Hillary Clinton

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:15 pm

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The CNN instant post-debate poll results show a blowout victory for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in the first presidential debate.

Here are the results of CNN’s post-debate poll:

These are dominant numbers for Hillary Clinton that demonstrate that she not only won the debate but that she blew Donald Trump off of the stage.

Debates don’t move voters as much as they confirm their suspicions. Voters have consistently given Hillary Clinton the edge on qualifications and preparedness, and they have regularly given Trump low marks for lacking qualifications and the temperament to be president.

Hillary Clinton looked, sounded, and acted like a president on the debate stage. Donald Trump demonstrated that he doesn’t know the issues, doesn’t care to learn about the issues, and he lacks the temperament that voters expect from the commander in chief.

The CNN poll confirms that Hillary Clinton was the big winner of 2016’s first presidential debate.

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