Fox News Propaganda Backfires As 2003 Clip Shows Trump Supporting Iraq War

Fox News is circulating a clip of 2003 Trump interview with Neil Cavuto as proof that the Republican nominee opposed the Iraq War. The problem is that the clip doesn’t show Trump opposing war in Iraq in any way.

Here is the clip that Fox News is pushing:

In the clip, Trump said, “Well, he has either got to do something or not do something, perhaps, because perhaps shouldn’t be doing it yet and perhaps we should be waiting for the United Nations, you know,” Trump said. “He’s under a lot of pressure. I think he’s doing a very good job. But, of course, if you look at the polls, a lot of people are getting a little tired. I think the Iraqi situation is a problem. And I think the economy is a much bigger problem as far as the president is concerned.”

As PolitiFact wrote, “So Trump put the economy ahead of confronting Iraq, but he didn’t speak against going to war. At most he suggested waiting for the United Nations to do something.” also examined the Cavuto interview and found that it isn’t evidence that Trump opposed the war in 2003, “There is no evidence that we could find, however, that he spoke against the war before it started, although we did find he expressed early concerns about the cost and direction of the war a few months after it started.”

The “evidence” of Trump’s opposition to the war that Fox News is pushing is backfiring. Instead of putting the issue to rest, it is raising more questions about Donald Trump’s dubious statements that he opposed the Iraq before it started.

The video doesn’t show what Fox News claims it shows, and it is only making the situation worse for Trump.

The response to the first presidential debate from conservative media is pure panic. They are doing anything that they can think of try to save the sinking Trump ship, but their efforts are only causing the boat to sink faster.

Fox News’s legendary propaganda machine has completely failed Donald Trump.