Vice President Joe Biden Just Dropped 40 Seconds Of Hell On Donald Trump

Vice President Biden completely demolished Donald Trump in just forty seconds while campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania.


While campaigning in Philadelphia for Hillary Clinton, Vice President Biden said, “But every president I have served with, including the Republicans, has had a moral center about what it was to be an American. About what we are supposed to. About what basic fundamental rights are. But I mean it. This guy. Think about it. Can you imagine Ronald Reagan, the most conservative president we’ve had in a long time? Can you imagine Ronald Reagan, can you imagine him saying it’s good business to take advantage of people’s misery? Rooting for that misery.”

Vice President Biden is the perfect surrogate to merge the populist ideological lines against Trump. No one in elected office is more blue collar than Biden, and the argument that he was making was not ideological, VP Biden was arguing that Donald Trump represents a threat to working people. Trump views the pain of American workers as an opportunity to be exploited.

Trump had a terrible debate, and the Vice President skillfully attempted to place another nail into Trump’s fading hopes of turning Pennsylvania blue. The onslaught of powerful Democratic surrogates for Clinton is here, and Vice President Biden’s forty seconds of hell for Donald Trump is just the beginning.