Civil Rights Museum Rejects Trump for Being Aggressive, Rude and Racist

*The following is an opinion column by R Muse*

Most Americans know, or have known, a person so full of unwarranted hubris that they, because of wealth or celebrity, feel entitled to control anyone and anything they come in contact with. In 2016, it’s safe to say that every American is well aware that the Republican candidate for president, Donald J. Trump is one of those self-professed gods who believes he is superior to all humanity to a point that no human can resist doing any and everything Donald Trump demands. It may be why Howard Dean suspects that Trump is very familiar with cocaine, and although Trump’s behavior and braggadocio are symptomatic of long-term cocaine use, his behavior is more about the big-time wrestling celebrity’s wealth and upbringing where people around him are ‘coerced’ or paid to move the proverbial heaven and Earth to please Mr. Trump.

One suspects that very few people ever disagree with Trump, or refuse his demands; it’s why he is stunned that Hillary Clinton isn’t impressed or intimidated by a racist lying bully. This week, a civil rights group in North Carolina took a page out of Hillary Clinton’s playbook and rejected the Trump campaign’s aggressive demands to give him, a renowned racist and bigot, preferential treatment at the expense of the public. Not only did Trump not get the special treatment he felt he deserved simply because he is Donald J. Trump, his hubris and bullying tactics earned a reprimand to go along with not being acknowledged as anything other than a bully, a racist and a since he failed to get his way, a big fabulous loser.

Probably hoping to scam people of color into thinking he is anything other than a racist, Trump tried to bully an organization advocating for civil rights in North Carolina.  The Greensboro  International Civil Rights Center and Museum rejected Donald Trump’s request to visit the museum to pretend he cares about civil rights and shut-out Trump “after the Trump campaign was aggressive and rude to museum staff” after they refused to obey Trump and shut down the museum to the public for his special visit.

It must have been a major slap in Trump’s face; first to have to request a visit to a public museum, and then informed the museum would not close its doors for a big-time wrestling celebrity, and then denied him the chance to visit during a campaign stop in North Carolina. The international museum’s co-founder, Earl Jones explained to Greensboro’s WFMY that Trump’s campaign “demanded special requests” that the museum was not going to grant; such as “demanding that the museum facility remain closed to the public for at least five hours to accommodate” the fabulously wealthy racist Donald J. Trump.

Mr. Jones told WFMY that Trump’s staff had contacted the museum informing them of the visit and issued their demands for special treatment for a very special guy, Donald Trump. Mr. Jones said,

We have equal treatment for everyone coming to the museum. We did not honor the request of the Donald Trump team because we thought [what its members] demonstrated in their approach was disrespectful, so therefore we did not grant that request. Mr. Trump is welcome to come to the museum, just as everyone else, but he’s not going to receive any special treatment.”

However, it wasn’t just Trump’s “demand” that the entire museum be closed off to the public for a substantial part of the day that warranted a rejection. The museum staff complained that Trump’s campaign people were exactly like their boss; “aggressive and rude” in initial dealings with the Greensboro landmark’s management and staff.

Earl Jones elaborated on why museum management was perturbed over Trump’s rude and aggressive behavior, as well as their irritation over what they said was Trump’s insincere request for a private viewing simply as an attempt to “exploit the legacy” of civil rights leaders for his own political gain. Jones said,

The approach, the type of disrespect, pretty much a demand and bullying us to use the museum in their manner and their way in their time, it was inappropriate and I think it’s probably reflective of the type of insensitivity [to] civil rights and human rights that’s reflective from Trump over the years. We welcome everyone to the museum. But we are not going to allow the museum to be used for political gain.”

The museum is a serious civil rights landmark going back 50-plus years even though it only opened in 2010. It was built around the notorious Woolworth lunch counter where, in 1960, four African American college students had the courage to sit at the whites-only counter and refused to relinquish their seats. That courageous act earned the students a place in American civil rights history as “the Greensboro Four.”

If someone was unfamiliar with Trump’s bullying, rudeness, and sense of entitlement because he might be rich or is a reality show celebrity, they might think the civil rights museum staff was at least exaggerating. But most Americans are well-aware of the “Donald’s” bullying tactics and demands, not requests, for special treatment from any and every one he comes into contact with. He certainly picked the wrong organization to bully because if there is only one thing civil rights activists and people of color have had to deal with for two centuries are racist bullies with a sense of entitlement because they are white and in Trump’s case, allegedly rich.