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Jaws Drop As Donald Jr. Shows That Sexism Is A Trump Family Disease

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:15 pm

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The Trumps continue to gaslight America.

Donald Trump Jr has now redefined the word “courage” for us. Courage is now when his father decides not to be a total scumbag for a moment. Yes, the bar is very low.

Claiming his father took the “high road”, Donald Trump Jr told host Simon Conway of 1040 WHO Iowa radio that it took “courage” for his father to close his mouth for once and also not be a sexist pig.

It took much “courage” for Donald Trump to avoid trying to shame Hillary Clinton by throwing her husband’s affairs in her face during a presidential debate on national TV. This is what passes for “courage” in Trump land.

Listen here:

Transcription via Buzzfeed:

“I mean, he very well could’ve looked down — and he said it when he came off the debate stage, ‘I wasn’t gonna respond to that question because I saw Chelsea in the front row and I just wasn’t gonna go there out of respect for her.’ And that was a big moment for me and probably will actually become, my life and this campaign, and probably will be something I’ll always remember.”

“I mean, he really took the high ground where he had the opportunity to go very, very low. And I’m proud of him for doing that. I mean, I’m really proud of him for doing that. And I think people recognize that. I mean, there are a lot of people who came up to me, including many in the media, who said listen, he could’ve just crushed her on that last question. And he would’ve probably hurt a family if he did.”

“I don’t know, I think that took a lot of courage in so many regards and I think he really answered that well and took the high ground and kept the high road.”

Well isn’t that just so impressive! The man who suggests Hillary Clinton might be assassinated wants credit for choosing not to bring up her marital challenges.

We can see how tempting this is for Donald Trump. But what the Trumps don’t see is that among normal people, we don’t judge a woman based on the behavior of her husband.

Donald Trump’s value system is that it’s okay for him to be married three times and to have had multiple affairs, but it’s not okay for his female opponent to have been married to someone who had an affair. It’s okay for Donald Trump to have said he wanted to date his own daughter, but he assumes that Hillary Clinton will be humiliated and harmed by his misogynistic trolling of trying to bring her down by the actions of her husband.

It’s 2016 and most of us are operating with the novel notion that Clinton is responsible for her own behavior and record. But there’s no convincing sexist Archies that they aren’t winning by showing everyone just how sexist and ridiculously knuckle-dragging they are.

It’s worth noting that Trump sees his own infidelities as proof of his alpha male status, yet when former President Bill Clinton did it, it’s bad. One gets the sense that Trump is very jealous of Bill Clinton. But that is his problem and has nothing to do with his opponent, who has her own career, and has had her entire adult life.

Trump reserved the right to toss this in Clinton’s face at a later date, so perhaps “courage” is faltering.

That this passes for being high-minded is so absurd as to be deeply troubling, but we must keep in mind that among the Rush Limbaughs of the alt-right, this is indeed an achievement.

Hillary Clinton did not throw Donald Trump’s many wives nor their actions in his face. But then, Clinton had better things to throw in his face, like his actual hateful rhetoric and actions toward women, minorities, and more.

The Trump family is seriously lacking any kind of moral center. It should alarm the public that Donald Trump sees Bill Clinton’s personal life is some kind of Get Out of Jail free card for him. If Trump had any policies worth discussing, this wouldn’t tempt him so.

But Trump will go down this road because he can’t bear it and isn’t capable of not tossing the dirties mud he can get his hands on. The thing is, when he does, I am willing to bet Hillary Clinton will humiliate him with her grace and dignity. I almost can’t wait for him to fall into yet another trap of his own making.

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