Trump Campaign Privately Admits That The First Presidential Debate Was A Disaster

The Trump campaign is trying to get Donald Trump to pay attention by privately telling the media that his debate performance was a disaster.

Katy Tur of NBC News tweeted:

Then the inevitable, “everything’s fine” pushback from the campaign:

Donald Trump doesn’t listen to his campaign, but he is obsessively devoted to cable news, so it makes perfect sense that his own campaign would try to get a message to him through leaking it to the press.

When sources inside Trump’s own campaign are admitting that the debate was a disaster for them, it was a horrible night. Nobody outside of the most loyal Trump supporters believed the bogus spin that Trump won the debate because he won the rigged online polls.
Trump was so bad in the first debate that if he doesn’t improve in the town hall format, he can probably kiss his chances of winning goodbye. It doesn’t get much worse than the candidate’s own campaign calling the debate a disaster.