Chuck Todd Eviscerates Trump Spokesman For Claiming Bogus Online Polls Are Legit

Chuck Todd destroyed Donald Trump’s spokesman Jason Miller when he tried to use bogus online polls as proof that Donald Trump won the first presidential debate.


Todd asked Trump spokesperson Jason Miller why the polls had Hillary Clinton winning the debate by a two to one margin. Miller responded by pointing to the online polls.

Chuck Todd let loose, “What scientific poll had Donald Trump winning? Give me one scientific poll. Everything else was, those are fan polls, man. Those are polls that computer programmers can mess with. Those aren’t real.”

Miller tried to say that the online polls are immediate reactions from people who are watching the debate and aren’t influenced by the media’s pro-Hillary Clinton coverage.’

Todd knocked it down by asking for evidence. Miller pointed to bogus online polls.

Chuck Todd shot back, “Jason, you’ve been doing this a while. You know they’re bogus. There’s nothing. They’re beyond non-scientific, in fact, you have evidence, there’s some evidence that there are computer programs that help you refresh. All you have to is empty your history, and you get to vote again. They’re not real, Jason.”

Miller changed the subject to another bogus non-measurement rally crowd size.

Todd later called out Trump’s habit of crying rigged when something doesn’t go his way.

Chuck Todd’s absolute destruction of Trump’s spokesperson with facts is evidence of how much the media coverage of the Republican presidential candidate has changed. It wasn’t long ago that cable networks let Trump get away with tweeting bogus online polls as proof of debate victory during the Republican primary.

The media standard is different in the general election campaign, and Donald Trump is not measuring up.