Hillary Clinton Campaign Blasts Trump For Illegally Violating Cuban Embargo


The Hillary Clinton campaign ripped into Donald Trump after his own campaign confirmed that the Republican candidate for president illegally violated the US embargo against Cuba.

After the Trump campaign confirmed that Trump illegally spent money in Cuba, Hillary for America senior policy adviser Jake Sullivan said, “Trump’s business with Cuba appears to have broken the law, flouted U.S. foreign policy, and is in complete contradiction to Trump’s own repeated, public statements that he had been offered opportunities to invest in Cuba but passed them up. This latest report shows once again that Trump will always put his own business interest ahead of the national interest – and has no trouble lying about it.”

As our Sarah Jones pointed out the Cuba story isn’t only about Trump lying and breaking the law. It is also the tale of another failed deal that undercuts the myth of Donald Trump, genius businessman.

There is a problem when daily stories about Trump’s potentially illegal activities become the campaign norm. Voters should not get desensitized to Trump’s behavior. What the Republican candidate for president is doing is not normal. It is not acceptable. It is not something that “both sides do.”


Donald Trump’s track record of illegal behavior as a private citizen isn’t going to magically reverse itself if he wins the White House.

Trump broke the law as a private citizen, and he will continue to break the law if he occupies the Oval Office.