Another New Poll Shows Clinton Expanding Her National Lead Over Trump

Another national poll shows Hillary Clinton expanding her lead over Donald Trump as the Republican nominee continues to unravel days after imploding on the debate stage.

The Times-Picayune/Lucid presidential tracking poll released Thursday shows the former Secretary of State with a five-point lead over Trump, the largest margin she’s had in the survey in several weeks.

What’s even more troubling for the Republican nominee is that he only clocked in at a dismal 37 percent in the poll – his worst showing in weeks, according to this particular survey.

But it’s not just this poll that has shows the numbers moving in Clinton’s direction.

Public Policy Polling’s national poll released yesterday shows Clinton ahead by four points, and the latest Rasmussen poll – which has been a Trump-leaning survey throughout the campaign – released on Thursday showed a six-point swing in Clinton’s direction in just a week.

On the day of the first presidential debate, the Democratic nominee’s lead over Trump in a four-way race was roughly 1.5 percent. As more polling continues to pour in, her lead is now double that margin and continuing to grow in post polls. HuffPost Pollster shows Clinton leading Trump by an average of five percentage points.

State polling from today, as Jason Easley wrote, shows Clinton ahead in North Carolina, Florida, Colorado, Virginia, and Pennsylvania – a group of states Trump must win at least some of if he wants to be president.

It’s unlikely that these numbers will be heading back in Trump’s favor in the short-term. Since his awful debate performance, Trump has found himself weight-shaming a former Miss Universe winner and blaming Hillary Clinton for her husband’s infidelities – both moves that are likely to hurt him more with the voters he is trying to persuade.

It’s been a rough week for Donald Trump, and it’s only just beginning to register in the polling data.