Hillary Clinton Slams Donald Trump for His Five-Day Meltdown Over Alicia Machado

Hillary Clinton slammed Donald Trump for his ongoing meltdown over Alicia Machado, tweeting, “While Donald continues day 5 of his Machado meltdown, we’ll be in Florida talking about national service. You’ll want to watch.”

The Clinton campaign explained in a press release, “Today, as part of her larger national service platform, Hillary Clinton announced her plan to create a new National Service Reserve that will allow young Americans to serve their communities and their country.”

They cite a need for a new service outlet especially for millennials, “AmeriCorps is receiving five times more applications than it has spots to fill, and the Peace Corps has seen a 32% increase in applications compared to the previous year. Additionally, national service helps Americans pay for college and build skills that are attractive to employers.”

During Trump’s five day meltdown, the Republican nominee has tried to slut-shame a woman for allegedly doing the same things his current and third wife has done, although his wife was paid for it.

After Trump’s surrogates explained that it was okay for Trump to body-shame Alicia Machado, they began attacking her as a porn-star over an alleged sex-tape. Trump used his platform as a presidential candidate to attack Machado for this and urge everyone to watch the sex tape that he considers porn.

This makes Donald Trump more pimp than president.

We are on day five of the meltdown, which was provoked by Hillary Clinton bringing up Trump’s body-shaming of the former Miss Universe; the Republican candidate referred to the beauty queen as “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping” because she’s Latina, among other criticisms.

Watch here in her own words:

Trump responded to this criticism by going on a five-day bender to try to destroy the young woman, as if he could make his comments okay by demeaning her and dehumanizing her. This is a common tactic by an abuser – to impugn the character of the victim in order to excuse the perpetrator, while heaping more humiliation and abuse on the victim as punishment for not taking the abuse silently.

Sadly, Machodo has struggled with eating disorders in the past, making Trump’s comments and those of his surrogates even more troubling.

Donald Trump is continuing to hurt himself with women voters, as he did during the debate with his childish and rude behavior toward Hillary Clinton. Trump can’t afford to lose more voters, but the more he talks the more he loses.

Familiarity breeds contempt when it comes to Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton is leaving Donald and his five-day temper tantrum in the dust as she continues to talk about actual issues and ways she hopes to help the American people.