Morning Joe Panel Breaks Into Laughter at Trump Tweeting Followers to Watch Sex Tape

Donald Trump gave the panel on MSNBC’s Morning Joe a good laugh this morning as he urged his followers on twitter to watch a sex tape. Yes, a presidential candidate promoting what he thinks is porn. As Huffington Post‘s Sam Stein told the panel, this is “unnatural and weird.”

Trump has had a very difficult time keeping on task this election cycle, seemingly distracted by every little imagined slight, and this time, he may have derailed his campaign as he launched a tweet storm in the wee hours of the morning attacking former Miss Universe Alicia Machado.

Joe Scarborough invited The Washington Post‘s Robert Costa to read Trump’s morning tweets on air, which was the occasion for great hilarity, as Costa had a very difficult time keeping a straight face throughout.

Watch courtesy of MSNBC:

Scarborough next asked Eugene Robinson what these tweets meant, if Trump was acknowledging that he lost the debate. First joking that what this meant was that the staffer tasked with taking Trump’s phone away at night “was off today,” Robinson answered in the affirmative:

“It’s…flailing. He can’t deal with the fact that he got creamed in that debate. Earlier in the week, he was apparently raving at the surrogates to go out and say that he won the debate, rather than he lost the debate.”

As Robinson pointed out, this “Miss Universe thing is hurting him with women.”

Sam Stein jumped in with the remark that all Trump has done is give this issue life, repeating what I said here this morning that,

“He can’t get over the slight that he feels was handed to him during the debate. This is who he is.”

Costa agreed: “That’s who he is.” But that’s not who he needs to be if he expects to be elected president. Trump, as always, is his own worst enemy, even as he blames literally everybody else.

In other words, Hillary Clinton played Trump perfectly Monday night. This not only had immediate dividends, as he became thoroughly flustered and lost focus, but also long term, as he has now derailed his entire campaign in pursuit of a personal vendetta.

As Jeremy Peters of The New York Times told the panel, Trump cannot process criticism.

Though there are only a few weeks left of this election cycle, it is going to be a very long few weeks for Trump if he can’t focus on what matters rather than letting himself become distracted by every critic and every criticism, indulging in what Mika Brzezinski called his “self-destructive narcissism,” especially when he – as is the case here – is not the victim in the scenario, but the bad guy.