Florida Sinking Beneath the Waves, But Folks in Boca Raton Are Worried About Mosques

Win or lose, Donald Trump has contributed powerfully to the GOP message of fear to any trifling change to the status quo. At a time when Hillary Clinton is in Florida preaching that we’re “Stronger Together,” Trump is preaching that we’re stronger without Muslims.

Like having a mosque as your polling place. Because the mosque might be training terrorists. Election rhetoric is especially volatile in Florida, which, the Boston Globe reports, “is home to one of the nation’s fastest-growing Muslim populations.”

It is also one of those places about to inundated by the ocean. Trump hasn’t done much to raise awareness of the dangers of global warming, however, because he thinks it’s a hoax. As Clinton told a crowd yesterday in Coral Springs, Florida,

“Climate change is real. Florida knows that. My opponent thinks it’s a hoax created by the Chinese. And what that means is he would not be able to take advantage of the economic opportunities that climate change presents. You see, some country’s going to be the clean energy superpower of the 21st Century.”


Apparently, they not only make some very nice ties for his clothing line but invented global warming.

The Globe reports one couple objecting,

“How do I know there’s not the same type of people in this mosque that grew that shooter? Just because we’re here in beautiful Boca Raton doesn’t mean we’re safe.”

As opposed to all the crimes committed by Christians who go to churches that are also polling places. As opposed by Russia hacking our elections and deciding who becomes president instead of the people required to vote in the mosque.

And even though you’re more likely to be killed by a toddler with a gun than by a terrorist.

Then there is the not so little problem that Florida is feeling the ever-encroaching touch of the ocean as sea levels rise. Florida is low-lying. Much of it is barely above sea level. The Palm Beach Post reported back in 2012 that,

“South Florida stands to sustain significant damage from rising sea levels. Florida is home to nearly half of the 4.9 million Americans who live at elevations less than four feet above the high-tide line.”

No matter what, Boca Raton is destined to become a divers paradise; even with extreme carbon cuts, much of the area will be below the Atlantic. Unchecked, global warming will see Boca Raton entirely below the waves.

The Sun Sentinel reported in 2015 that,

“For Boca Raton, if we made extreme cuts in greenhouse gases, we would eventually lose to the ocean land now occupied by 19,933 people out of a total population of 84,392. If we continue emissions at current levels, we would lose almost the entire city. Similar scenarios apply to Delray Beach, Boynton Beach and West Palm Beach.”

Climate Central paints the ugly truth:


The Boston Globe calls Boca a “sun-splashed…perfectly manicured paradise,” and voting in a mosque won’t change that. Hate and fear will. So will sea level rise.

Mosques really don’t appear to be the problem. Like churches, they will be under water. Along with the people who attend them.