Trump’s Twitter Account Comes Back To Haunt Him In Wake Of Tax Return Bombshell


Donald Trump got busted by The New York Times for potentially not paying taxes for 18 years, which makes these tweets in which the Republican presidential nominee whines about paying taxes and those who don’t pay taxes super awkward.

There’s the Barack Obama edition:


The whine about people who don’t pay taxes, a nod to Mitt Romney’s 47%, meant to be a dig of the poor:

The bad government myth:

Who needs to pay higher taxes? Everyone but Trump:

Trump’s tax return showed him claiming a nearly $1 billion loss, which means he might not have paid any personal taxes for 18 years. This is a man who stiffs contractors and whines about “half” of the country not paying taxes.

Donald Trump pays no taxes but spends a lot of time whining about paying taxes for some odd reason, and has a tax plan that will benefit himself and others like him while hurting the middle class and poor.

Donald Trump’s tax return just unmasked the Republican Party’s bogus narratives about paying taxes and his tweets show that the Republican Party caters to irresponsible wealthy people who don’t feel they should have to contribute to society. And this is no doubt why Trump has refused to release his tax returns like every other presidential candidate has done.