Americans Should Be Proud to Have a Candidate As Qualified and Passionate as Hillary Clinton

The political press has sold America on a misleading narrative that there are two horrible choices this election. But Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is actually the most qualified candidate in modern history, and she’s been passionately helping people her entire career.

She’s a candidate that all Americans should be proud to have running for the office, even if they don’t vote for her. Yet that’s completely the opposite of the beltway narrative about Clinton.

The real story of Hillary Clinton is the story of an all-American, middle-class girl who worked her way up through the ranks via hard work until she is actually on the trail as a major party presidential nominee. It’s a classic story of the underdog, but that’s not the story America knows best.

While Clinton was repeatedly voted the most admired woman in the world 20 times, dark money, partisan sources worked in secret to prime Americans to associate the person who spent her entire career fighting for the rights of all Americans with a lack of honesty and trustworthiness. There were investigations upon investigations that went nowhere but left the whiff of scandal clinging to Clinton.

Now it’s not cool to support Clinton. Now the cool kids have decided Clinton is the lesser of two evils, instead of the exceptional candidate she actually is.

Clinton was a nerdy geek who worked her way from her middle-class background into a good college, into graduating from Yale Law School. Her first job out of law school was for the Children’s Defense Fund at a time when many women didn’t work at all. Not exactly the big dollars. Not exactly the choice a “corporate whore” would make. (Ugly but this is how she’s been characterized, ironically funded by the people behind making sure corporations buy our government.)

Clinton fought for CHIP when her dream of universal healthcare fell through. Eight million children today are using CHIP.

Clinton worked for 40 plus years advocating for the voiceless and the powerless, not corporations.

If we wrote a script about a heroine who goes to DC and makes it big, this is exactly how she would be written — and she would be cheered and beloved for it. Our heroine has been fighting for 40 years to help average Americans like her parents. She’s weathered every horrible accusation imaginable, from a well-funded giant hell-bent on destroying her.

The nerdy geek making it big through hard work and a fierce dedication to minorities, children, women, families… this is the heroine in the movie.

But not in our political press. In our political press, Clinton has been made into a corporate, email-hiding liar. Which is ironic, given that Citizens United has spent untold millions to destroy Hillary Clinton. Yet she is actually one of America’s most honest politicians. As Paul Krugman put it, the political press’ hostility toward Clinton “had the feel of the cool kids in high school jeering at the class nerd.”

How cool would the cool kids feel if they knew they had been duped, that in scoffing about Clinton’s scandals they were actually repeating scandals paid for by the folks behind Citizens United.

They might as well wear a corporate logo on their forehead underneath the cool-kid hat. Citizens United has been a powerful force in driving Clinton scandals into the mainstream media since the 90’s. An archived article in the Columbia Journalism Review explained, “Journalists and Hill Republicans have recycled much of the information provided by Citizens United into stories that have cast a shadow on the (Bill) Clinton presidency.”

The woman we’ve been conditioned not to trust was that girl in school — the studious girl whose father wasn’t pleased when she brought home an A. The A wasn’t enough.

Clinton’s a nerd, she’s the wonk, she’s the one who stays up all night studying because she really believes it matters. She’s “over-prepared”, as we heard about her debate performance. Clinton is always competent and always knowledgeable.

This should make us love her, but we’ve been trained to ignore it, rebuff it, and even sneer at it. The press loves to elevate Donald Trump, who knows nothing, while punishing Clinton for being a bit too thorough about trying to avoid having her personal server hacked. (A feat it appears she managed, which no one seems to bring up either.)

Clinton ignores all of the arrows being hurled at her, and she just keeps walking in a straight line toward the place where she will have the power to do the most good for average Americans.

Helping families and children has been Clinton’s driving motivation for 40 years, and even though that’s not the story you hear, that’s the story of her actual record. She’s also a fiercely tough negotiator, much feared by Putin. Clinton works to protect the rights of all people, but she’s no pushover.

All you’ll hear about is her emails, even though she was cleared of wrong-doing. They won’t tell you that her very agenda is such a threat to corporate dark money that she is their number one enemy. Dark corporate money can buy a lot, including the smearing of the most qualified candidate in modern history.

Don’t be fooled. Other people might be led around like sheep by ignorant corporate media narratives, but the truth is pretty simple, very easy to find, and really matters.

“Clinton isn’t trustworthy” should have a Citizens United TM next to it; after all, it’s the corporate line.