More Bad News For Trump As Latest CBS Poll Has Clinton, Democratic Enthusiasm Surging


The bad polling news for Donald Trump kept pouring in on Monday night as the latest CBS News/New York Times poll has Hillary Clinton opening up a four-point lead over the spray-tanned GOP nominee.

The numbers:

cbs poll


That’s a four-point swing in the Democratic nominee’s direction as last month’s CBS poll showed the race between the two candidates deadlocked at 42 percent.

When the choices are narrowed down to just the two major party candidates, Clinton expands her lead to six points over Trump, 49-43.

Another troubling sign for Team Trump is that, according to the poll, enthusiasm among Democratic voters – recently considered a concern for the Clinton campaign – has surged by seven points following the first presidential debate.

“The percentage of Clinton voters who are very enthusiastic about voting has risen seven points since before the first debate – from 39 percent to 46 percent – which now matches the 46 percent of Trump voters who are very enthusiastic,” according to the survey.

Rising Democratic enthusiasm paired with the well-oiled Clinton ground game should have the Trump campaign worrying not just because it’s October, but also because voters across the country are beginning to cast their early ballots.

The poll also notes that Clinton beats Trump with all age groups except for one: voters 65 and over.

The Democratic nominee is also demolishing Trump among minority voters, women, and white voters with college degrees – a group that former Republican nominee Mitt Romney won by double digits four years ago.

Overall, Clinton now leads Trump nationally by an average of six percentage points, according to HuffPost Pollster.

If the Republican nominee keeps having weeks like this, it’s hard to see how he can reverse these trends with such little time left in this campaign.