Clinton’s Lead Over Trump With Millennials Jumps To 32 Points As Post-Debate Surge Grows

A new poll shows that Clinton has gained 7 points since the debate and seen her lead over Trump with millennials quadruple to 32 points.

The Politico/Morning Consult survey of likely voters found that the election has shifted from a pre-debate 39%-38% Trump lead to a 42%-36% Clinton advantage.

Morning Consult reported on their poll:
Clinton’s surge has been largely driven by her boost among independents. Before the debate, Trump led Clinton by 12 points (35 percent to 23 percent) among independents, but over the weekend, she narrowed that margin to 5 points (30 percent to 25 percent). She also retains a 9-point advantage among women, whereas Trump is pulling even with Clinton among men.


This week also appears to have been decisive for millennial voters. One of the more common story lines of the 2016 presidential campaign trail is that the Democratic nominee has struggled to engage young voters, and before the debate she led Trump by 8 points among voters age 18 to 29. But following the debate, that lead has ballooned to 32 points. She is the top choice for 51 percent of millennials, compared with 19 percent who back Trump.

One of the mainstream media storylines has been Clinton’s “struggles” convince millennials to support her. It might be unrealistic to expect Clinton to generate the exact same levels of support as President Obama. She is a different candidate who appeals to voters in her own way, but Hillary Clinton has done a good job of turning up the outreach to millennials by explaining why this election is important specifically for them.

The more millennials learn about Clinton’s plans for college affordability and student loan debt, the more open they are to supporting her. The more former Sec. Clinton talks about the need for good jobs and good wages, the better she does with younger voters.

Millennials who tuned into the first presidential debate saw one candidate who is prepared to address the issues that matter most to them, and another who doesn’t seem to understand that people under the age of 65 exist and have problems too. Trump’s domestic plans all involve bringing things back that have been gone so long that millennials and most Generation Xers weren’t even alive when they were here.

There is still more outreach work to be done, but Hillary Clinton’s surge in the polls is showing no signs of slowing down.

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