Hillary Clinton Ad Rips Trump For Violating Cuban Embargo For Personal Gain

Hillary for America released two new radio ads today in both Spanish and English titled “Two Trumps” and “Dos Caras.” In the ad, we see “Trump’s two faces – a trump that disingenuously condemns the human rights abuses committed by the Castros, and a Trump that improperly explored business dealings with the very Communist regime he publicly decries.”

“Driven by the belief that he’s above the law, the ad describes how Trump paid a consultant $68,000 to travel to Cuba and unlawfully explore business opportunities for Trump’s company. And, to cover up his corrupt dealings in Cuba, Trump was instructed how to disguised his schemes as a charitable effort.”

The narrator tells listeners that Trump has said “maybe there are two Trumps.”

“One Donald comes to Miami to sip cafecito cubano and talk about the human rights abuses of Castro’s communist regime. The other Donald thinks that because of his money and his business, that he’s above the law.”

After briefly highlighting the story of Trump’s efforts to do business with Communist Cuba, the narrator goes on to say,

“While our parents and grandparents were fighting the Castro regime both on and off the island, Donald Trump was looking to line his pockets — and even worse, those are the Castro brothers.

“This is a serious insult to our community. Now we know which is the real Trump.”

Trump, of course, said in 1999 he’d “rather lose those millions than lose my self-respect” by doing business with the Castros, which, as it happens, he was at that time busily trying to do. His op-ed was titled “A choice for human rights.”

It should have been titled, “A choice to enrich Donald Trump.”