Kelly Ayotte May Have Lost Her Seat With One Answer At New Hampshire Senate Debate


Sen. Kelly Ayotte may have ended her Senate career by offering an answer that bordered on physically painful when she was asked if Donald Trump is a role model.



Sen. Ayotte was asked a question that she should have seen coming from a mile away. She was asked whether children should look up to Donald Trump as a role model.

Ayotte answered, “Uh, well I think, uh, certainly there are many role models that we have and uh, I believe he can serve as president so absolutely I can do that.”

(The correct answer was hell, no. Trump is not a role model for kids.)

The logical follow-up question of why Ayotte had not endorsed Trump came up next, and she answered, “Because I’ve had some disagreements with him, and I’ve been quite clear about those disagreements, and this is an area where Governor Hassan has been lockstep with Hillary Clinton. Um, I haven’t heard major disagreements that she’s had with Sec. Clinton so who’s going to stand up on behalf of the people of New Hampshire?”

It is mindboggling that Ayotte was not prepared for the question of Donald Trump as a role model. It is clear that she prepared an answer for why she had not endorsed Trump, but she seemed completely caught off guard by being asked about Trump’s impact on children.

Thinking that Donald Trump can serve as president and is fit to be a role model for children might be enough to cost Sen. Ayotte her seat in November. The New Hampshire Senate race is a test of heavy the Trump anchor will be on Republican incumbents.

If Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s answer is any indication, the Republican majority is in serious jeopardy.