Trump Attacks America’s Veterans By Calling Vets Suffering From PTSD Weak

During an event with Trump supporting veterans in Virginia, Donald Trump attacked veterans with mental health issues, by claiming that vets with PTSD aren’t mentally strong enough to handle war.


Trump was asked if he would support and fund a more holistic approach to the problem of veterans’ suicide, PTSD, TBI, and other related veterans’ mental health issues.

The Republican candidate for president responded by calling veterans with PTSD weak, “When you talk about the mental health problems. When people come back from war and combat and they see maybe what the people in this room have seen many times over, and you’re strong and you can handle it, but a lot of people can’t handle it.”

It is this kind of talk that keeps many veterans from seeking the help that they need. Trump claims to support veterans, but he blames those who have sacrificed for their country for their own injuries.

Donald Trump has demonstrated time and again that he holds nothing but contempt for the nation’s veterans. Trump has attacked Sen. John McCain for being a prisoner of war. He has been donounced by veterans groups for using vets as political props. Trump infamously attacked the Gold Star Khan family who lost their son in combat, and he has a deep dislike of disabled veterans that stretches back decades.

It is ironic that man who dodged the draft thinks that he is entitled to talk about the mental strength and toughness of those who were brave enough to serve their country. Trump’s attitude and stereotypes about veterans health issues reveal that he would be a disaster for vets if he were elected president.

Our veterans deserve a President who won’t blame them for their injuries suffered in war. Vets deserve a president who will care, and that candidate has never been, nor will ever be, Donald Trump.