Hillary Clinton Sets Her Next Trap By Calling Trump A Failure At Business


Hillary Clinton has cleverly set another trap for Donald Trump by calling him a failure at business.

Full video of Hillary Clinton’s press conference:


Hillary Clinton made her next move to get under Trump’s skin by calling him a failure at business:


Hillary Clinton is setting Trump up again. Viewers saw how easily Clinton was able to bait Trump and throw him completely off during the first presidential debate when she brought up the size of the loan that Trump got from his father and the Republican candidate wasn’t the same for the rest of the night.

Clinton is setting up round two. She isn’t just going after Trump for his tax returns. The Democratic candidate is going to come after Trump’s ego by challenging his success in business. By calling Trump a failure at business, she is laying the groundwork for pulling his strings during the second presidential debate.

Donald Trump likes to talk about how he is the genius dealmaker, but it looks like the Clinton campaign has figured out where all of Trump’s buttons are and how to push them.

Clinton is in Trump’s head, and five days before the debate, she is setting up his next big meltdown.