Hours Before VP Debate, Trump Melts Down And Blames Hillary Clinton For His Tax Cheating

Donald Trump has a new excuse for why he didn’t pay taxes for decades. At a rally in Arizona, Trump claimed that his tax dodging is all Hillary Clinton’s fault.


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Trump said:


First, Trump blamed Hillary Clinton for his birtherism. Now, he is blaming Hillary Clinton for his decades-long cheating of the tax system to avoid paying his personal income taxes for decades.

Every time Trump opens his mouth about his taxes, he makes the situation worse.

Pointing the finger and blaming Hillary Clinton for something that no single US Senator can change is childish and ridiculous. If Trump’s defense at the next presidential debate for dodging taxes for who knows how many decades is going to be to blame Hillary Clinton it is going to be a very long night for Republicans.

Trump wants to be President Of The United States, but he can’t responsibility for any of his own actions. Trump has not held himself accountable for anything that he has said and done during the presidential campaign.

Donald Trump is a seventy-year-old man with the maturity and emotional development of a toddler.

It is not Hillary Clinton’s fault that Trump cheated the American people out of millions of dollars. The American people aren’t buying the blame Hillary excuse, so Trump better own it or start getting ready for defeat on Election Day.

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