Michelle Obama Just Took Down Donald Trump With An Epic Mic Problem Burm


While campaigning for Hillary Clinton, First Lady Michelle Obama hit Trump right in the ego by mocking his whining about mic problems after the first presidential debate.


First Lady Obama was campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Charlotte, NC when she said, “See, I watched her. When she gets knocked down, she doesn’t complain. She doesn’t cry foul. (Taps her mic). No, she gets right back up.”


Michelle Obama did a better job of painting Donald Trump as a whining, excuse making crybaby in ten seconds than any of his Republican opponents did during the primary.

The ease with which Democrats have been able to define and poke at Trump’s vulnerabilities exposes how incompetent his primary opponents were as candidates. Trump thought that debating Ted Cruz and John Kasich was the same as debating Hillary Clinton. Trump believes that he alone can take on a galaxy of star Democratic Clinton surrogates.

First Lady Obama took apart Trump in just a few seconds and cemented the images to voters of a man who lacks the basic maturity and toughness to be president.

One of the reasons why Trump’s campaign is withering is because the Republican nominee can’t hold a candle to Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, President Obama, former President Clinton, Sens. Sanders and Warren, and the other high power surrogates that are overwhelming the Republican’s campaign.

Michelle Obama has been a fantastic surrogate for Clinton, but her best work may have come in Charlotte while talking about Trump’s mic.