Mike Pence Falls Apart And Bombs When Asked About Trump Tax Returns At VP Debate

Mike Pence had to be asked numerous times, and he could not come up with a defense for Trump not releasing his tax returns at the vice presidential debate.


When Pence was asked if Donald Trump not paying taxes was fair, he avoided the question and talked about how he thought the economy was struggling and not doing well. The question had to be repeated to get an answer out of Pence. Pence tried to spin Trump’s tax returns as a good thing because Trump went through a “difficult time.” Pence said that Trump used the tax code the way it was supposed to be used and claimed that Trump had paid other taxes besides income taxes.

Pence could never come up with an acceptable answer, and the segment was a complete disaster for Trump’s running mate.

Mike Pence is saddled with Donald Trump and the same talking points that Republicans have been using for thirty years. Less than a half an hour into the debate, Pence broke out Reagan’s there you go again line.

Even Mike Pence can’t answer the questions surrounding Donald Trump’s dodging of taxes.

People who think Trump’s tax returns don’t matter just got a crash course in why it will cost the GOP votes in November.