Trump Sabotages Mike Pence’s Entire Debate By Tweet Insulting Tim Kaine

Republican Governor Mike Pence whined about the negative campaign he feels former Democratic Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Senator Tim Kaine are running during tonight’s VP debate.

But while Pence was claiming that he and his running mate Donald Trump were not running an insult-driven campaign, Trump was sharing a tweet insulting Tim Kaine’s appearance.

This is just one of the problems with Donald Trump live-tweeting the debate during his running mate’s one chance to speak up. Donald Trump can’t help himself from stepping on his own toes or on Mike Pence’s toes.

Pence even continued his whine about the “insult-driven” campaign he feels Clinton and Kaine are running long after Trump’s tweet, which is like pouring ice water into the tea kettle and wondering why it won’t boil.

Obviously the “insult-driven” campaign was a point Pence was supposed to make tonight. So naturally Donald Trump had to destroy it.

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