Tim Kaine Is Dominating Mike Pence In The Vice Presidential Debate

If Republicans were hoping that Mike Pence could save Donald Trump, they are certain to be disappointed as Pence is being steamrolled by the focused Sen. Tim Kaine and the clear message of the Clinton campaign.

The vice presidential debate has been an extension of the contrast between the two campaigns. Mike Pence is offering a gloom and doom vision that is big on criticism of Hillary Clinton, and short on any details for what a Trump/Pence administration would do if elected.

Pence has been unable to present any future vision for the country besides elect Donald Trump, and things will be great. Pence has spent most of his time dodging questions about Trump’s tax returns, Trump’s comments and insults, Trump’s immigration plan, and essentially anything involving the qualifications and competency of Donald J. Trump.

Tim Kaine has been able to roll over Pence. The Democratic senator came prepared to the point that Pence complained and griped about Kaine having prepared lines, which really means that even Pence can see that Kaine has the clear and effective messages that he lacks.

Kaine was able to hit the defenseless Pence on Trump’s behavior while explaining the contrast between the potential Clinton and Trump administrations.

It is so bad for Pence that he even lost the debate exchange on Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Tim Kaine is having a very good night, while Mike Pence is drowning in the sea of Trump.