Bill Clinton Kills The Bogus Obamacare Criticism Story Completely Dead

With a single statement, Bill Clinton killed the latest Republican attempt to divide Democrats over Obamacare dead.


Former President Clinton said, “I strongly supported that bill, and it’s given more than twenty million people more insurance, and it’s repealed the most insidious thing that affected millions of families, the pre-existing condition. The ability of insurance companies not to insure people, or cost them too much, but there are problems with it. There are problems with it, and everybody knows it. The Republicans want to repeal the law. Their idea of solving the problem is to take 20 million people who’ve got insurance and to take it away from them. Give it all back to the insurance companies again.”

No matter what Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and the corporate media outlets who are trying to prop up Trump’s sagging campaign suggest, Bill Clinton does not think that Obamacare is crazy. President Clinton has supported Obamacare and will continue to support the ACA.

It is not a coincidence that once Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers began to rise again, there were several stories in the press designed to split Democrats. First came the false tale of Hillary Clinton criticizing Bernie Sanders supporters on a secret tape, then CNN decided to take a quote from Bill Clinton and build a story around it that changed the point of the former president’s remarks.

Former President Clinton killed the right’s latest attempt to divide Democrats completely dead. The only way Republicans can win the presidential election is if they make the electorate smaller. Their best option for shrinking the electorate is to divide Democrats and depress turnout.

Bill Clinton wasn’t about to allow Democrats to be divided, and you shouldn’t either.