Donald Trump Screws Up Pronunciation Of ‘Nevada’ At Campaign Rally In Reno

During a rally in Reno, Donald Trump committed one of Nevada’s deadliest political sins – he mispronounced the state’s name.

The Republican nominee’s flub wasn’t just made in passing. Trump was actually lecturing the crowd on how to pronounce their own state’s name when he made the screw-up.


Of course, what Trump insisted was the correct way to pronounce the state’s name was actually the exact opposite.

While critics were quick to pounce, the Trump campaign was ready with this full-proof defense: Trump was actually joking the entire time, and he actually does know how to pronounce it.

Tweet via Jon Ralston:

But, as Ralston also tweeted, Trump has never correctly pronounced the state name:

This faux pas isn’t likely to decide the election, but when you’re lecturing voters in a swing-state about how to pronounce their state’s name, you should probably make sure you know how to say it correctly in the first place.