Donald Trump Sets Another Pathetic Low In New National Poll Of Latino Voters

If you thought Donald Trump’s support among Latino voters couldn’t get any lower, you’d be wrong.

In a New Latino Voice poll released on Wednesday, the Republican nominee’s level of support from this critical voting bloc has sagged to a dismal 10.6 percent.

The numbers:

Clinton Trump Latino voters

While Hillary Clinton is soaring among these voters at a critical moment in the campaign, Trump is beginning to slide. Clinton surged by eight points with Latinos and Trump fell by roughly four points, the poll noted.

It’s also worth noting that Trump’s share of the Latino vote is on pace to drastically underperform all Republican nominees since at least 2000. This should be particularly alarming to Team Trump given how much this population has grown over that same time period.

If Donald Trump’s numbers among this voting bloc are even remotely close to the latest poll, the Republican nominee is doomed. This is especially true when it comes to the must-win state of Florida, where the survey showed Clinton’s support among this demographic jumping by nearly 20 points since the first presidential debate.

According to the poll, over 76 percent of Sunshine State Latinos support Clinton, while just 18 percent plan to vote for Trump. In 2012, Obama won just 58 percent of these voters in Florida – and he still won the state.

The new poll suggests that Trump can win white voters by a good margin, as Republican nominees often do, but his pathetic showing among minority voters will doom him at the end of the day.