Tape Proves That Mike Pence’s Only Defense For Donald Trump Was To Constantly Lie

Here’s the tape that shows that Mike Pence lied, lied, lied during the Vice Presidential debate Tuesday night.

Republican Mike Pence took the Donald in last night’s debate, repeated lying about reality in order to deny that his running mate and he had said things they had said. It was a full on gaslighting of American voters, who in this day have access to the tape.

But why go searching when the Clinton team has the tape:

Pence denied that Trump praised Vladimir Putin as a “strong” leader, denied that he himself said Putin was stronger leader to his country than Barack Obama was to the U.S.. Pence denied that Trump said women should be “punished” for having an abortion, but he did.

Pence denied Trump’s immigration plan to deport 16 million people. He denied the Trump “immigration force” plan. Pence denied the Trump Muslim ban.

Basically, Mike Pence was on stage last night defending a guy who doesn’t exist. The fictional Donald Trump. But why not, since Pence and Trump are running against their fictional version of Hillary Clinton.

These are folks who don’t believe in climate change and are still trying to sell you trickle down lies. These are folks who want to take rights away from LGBT people. Of course they have to lie to you, they can’t get elected if they tell you the truth.