Trump, Who Repeatedly Interrupted Clinton, Complains About Kaine’s Interruptions

Donald Trump is already busily laying the excuse-making groundwork for his objections to last night’s VP debate. Having earlier claimed victory for his running mate, he was quick to add this morning,

Trump, of course, repeatedly interrupted Hillary Clinton in the first presidential debate. By Vox’s count, Trump interrupted her 51 times, including 25 times in 26 minutes (USAToday puts that figure at 22). Time put Trump’s interruptions at 55.

There is no doubt that last night’s debate was interrupted by…interruptions, and CBS News engaged in a count to determine to greatest offender.

According to CBS News, Kaine interrupted Pence 60 times, and Pence interrupted Kaine 37 times. ABC News made the final Kaine tally 70. Breitbart claimed 57 interruptions for Kaine.

FiveThirtyEight issued the following verdict:

According to Kellyanne Conway, who claims Kaine was guilty of 72 interruptions, Kaine’s interruptions signal that he is “unhinged.” She would not say the same of her own candidate, of course.

If Kaine interrupted Pence, so did Trump interrupt Clinton. The Trump campaign has no high ground upon which to stand when it begins issuing complaints about the behavior of others.