Trump Rocked By New National Poll Showing Hillary Clinton Leading By 10 Points

Hillary Clinton’s lead is growing nationally, as new Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind poll found Clinton leading Trump 46%-36%.

According to Fairleigh Dickinson University:

Right now, half of all likely voters (50%) say that if the election were held today, they would vote for Clinton. Forty percent would vote for Trump. When third-party candidates are included among the list of candidates, Clinton and Trump both experience a four percent reduction in support – Clinton to 46 percent and Trump to 36 percent.


Trump is the most competitive among whites (47%) and those whose education did not go beyond high school (46%). Clinton’s lead among women looks almost insurmountable, with over half of women (56%) favoring her over Trump (32%).

The change in the polling is clearly not a post-debate bump. Hillary Clinton has watched her support grow for the past ten days. Trump didn’t just have a bad news cycle. He has been sent reeling by series of self-wounds like attacking a former Miss Universe, the leak of one of his tax returns, and a terrible debate performance.

The election is far from over, but a second nightmarish debate performance by Trump may place victory out of reach for Republicans. The fact that half of the voters polled said that they would vote for Clinton if the election were held today illustrates that support is consolidating around her candidacy.

The electoral map already bears a striking resemblance to the map in 2012. Clinton’s percentage of popular support is also moving towards Obama levels.

With each new poll, the possibility grows that the election is snowballing away from Trump. The race for the White House is trending towards Hillary Clinton, which makes the second debate vital for Donald Trump.