Growing Support For Hillary Clinton Has Completely Wiped Out Democratic Enthusiasm Gap

Democratic satisfaction with Hillary Clinton continues to grow and has led to the enthusiasm gap between Clinton and Trump supporters being completely wiped out.

A new Economist/YouGov Poll has found that Clinton has erased the enthusiasm gap:


Hillary Clinton has erased a thirteen point gap in enthusiasm in a week. She has cut her net unfavorable rating by nearly half from 15 points to eight points, and dominant edge on Trump (+18 to -25) on net temperament ratings. While Hillary Clinton has demonstrated upward movement, Donald Trump is stuck in the same place where he has been for months. Trump net favorable rating remains (-34). Trump has a favorable rating of 29% and an unfavorable rating of 63%.

Hillary Clinton’s mission in the second presidential debate is to continue to speak to and motivate potential Democratic voters. She has rebuilt her lead based on bringing more of the Democratic coalition that elected Obama twice into her camp and appealing to moderate Republicans and Independents who have been completely turned off by Trump.

Trump’s campaign is stuck in neutral and sliding downhill. It is difficult to see how he reverses his favorability and temperament issues given his apparent lack of impulse control.

Hillary Clinton’s lead has grown over the past week plus because Democrats and potential Democratic voters have grown more comfortable with her as their potential president. The first debate lit the spark and got Democratic voters engaged and excited. The next step for Hillary Clinton is to carry that excitement through early voting and to the polls in November.