Republicans Panic As Hillary Clinton Seizes The Lead In Another New Ohio Poll

Republicans insist that Hillary Clinton has given up on winning Ohio in November, but another new poll gives her the lead in the Buckeye State – and with room to expand her edge.

According to the poll released by Public Policy Polling (PPP), Clinton has taken the lead over Trump after trailing him by three points in their previous poll of the state.

In a contest including third-party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, Clinton leads Trump 44 to 43 percent. In a two-way race, the Democratic nominee leads 48 to 47.

This is the second poll in as many days that shows Clinton pulling ahead of Trump in Ohio. While it’s certainly a close race between the two nominees, PPP notes that Clinton has room to grow.

According to the release:

One thing that could help Clinton win Ohio in the end is that voters in the state say they’d rather have four more years of Barack Obama as President than Trump, 51/45. If Clinton can effectively convince voters she would be the continuation of the country’s current direction that they prefer to the sharp pivot a Trump presidency would represent, it could put her over the top here.

As Barack Obama’s approval rating continues to soar and he prepares to criss-cross the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton in the final weeks of this campaign, the current president could help put her over the top in the Buckeye State where a majority of voters approve of his job performance.

The survey also indicates that the bombshell news that Trump may not have paid federal income taxes for decades is also hurting him in the state.

Just 35 percent of Ohio voters think Trump pays his fair share in federal taxes, while 47 percent think he doesn’t. With the voters that think he doesn’t pay enough, Clinton is winning by a 77 to 9 margin. Overall, sixty-one percent say the Republican nominee should release his tax returns.

With a month to go until Election Day, a state that has been favorable to Trump all along is starting to creep into the Clinton column.