CNN’s Corey Lewandowski Claims Hillary Clinton Says The Same Things About Women As Trump

CNN’s Corey Lewandowski is claiming that Hillary Clinton has also made lewd comments about women, just like Donald Trump.


Lewandowski tried to defend his boss while also getting paid by CNN by claiming that Hillary Clinton has said the same things about women, “You know, people understand that. They know Donald Trump. That is what has attracted this massive amount of people to Donald Trump through the last two years of this campaign. You know, they had the opportunity to find the politician. You know, what we don’t know? And I’m not trying to change the subject here. We don’t have any understanding what Hillary Clinton has said in those meetings with Wall Street where she was paid for those speeches. She never released those transcripts. For all we know, same things are being said in that regard. Now I don’t know if that’s the case.”

We can be 100% certain that Hillary Clinton did not talk about sexually assaulting women and getting away with it because she is a celebrity. She also didn’t talk about big fake t*ts or grabbing women by the p*ssy.

Donald Trump’s defenders are already desperately trying to create a false equivalency by claiming that Hillary Clinton does it too. She doesn’t do it. No normal human being with a shred of respect for others talks the way that Trump did on that tape.

If this is the best that Republicans can come up with, they are in deeper trouble than anyone can imagine.