Donald Trump Goes Silence of the Lambs By Referring to a Woman As An “It”

Republicans are already in damage control about the leaked tape from the Washington Post, with Corey Lewandowski (recently charged with assaulting a female reporter) on CNN trying to accuse Hillary Clinton of saying the same things about women. Of course, Corey has no proof, he sort of just made it up, but please do not ask any questions.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump brags about assaulting women in the tape. So that’s not screaming presidential. But Republicans should be hoping the media doesn’t focus on the “it” comment Donald Trump made, referring to a woman he wanted to “grab by the p*ssy” because “When you’re a star, they let you do it.” Donald then said, speaking of Arianne Zucker, the woman who was charged with meeting him, “It looks good.”

It is dehumanizing to the extreme. It’s objectifying on steroids.

Yes, that’s a littler too close to the serial killer character of Krendler from Silence of the Lambs, “It rubs the lotion on its skin, it does this whenever it’s told.”

“I did try and f— her,” Trump said to Billy Bush in reference to a married woman. I moved on her like a b—- but I couldn’t get there.” Nice family values there Republican Party.

And no, the issue isn’t that Trump was married to Melania when he did this, although Republicans keep trying to throw Bill Clinton’s affairs in Hillary Clinton’s face, so I would suggest they pick a lane before they absolutely implode from their own hypocrisy.

Donald Trump has been married three times and has had multiple affairs.

What we didn’t know, though we suspected from the many women who told us how he treated them and from his own treatment of women on the campaign trail, is that he sees women as objects. As “its”.

Women are nothing but pieces of meat to Donald Trump.

And as someone who has worked with A-list Hollywood stars, some of them do this and some of them don’t – but one thing is for sure, Donald Trump is no A-list star, just like he’s no businessman. Donald Trump is at best a reality TV show star.

“It looks good,” Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said, looking at a woman who was not presented to him as a piece of meat for his consumption but rather a woman who was just doing her own job.

You can bet that thousands of other women whom Donald Trump met and treated like his own personal toy were disgusted, distraught, and desperate to avoid him.

This is standard operating behavior for some; power enables it and money protects it. This behavior is not fit for the White House, though. This is not the behavior of a role model.

This is what Republicans are upholding as family values? No thanks.

Donald Trump repeatedly bullies women who are doing their job and calls women “bimbos” and the c word. He thinks female journalists wouldn’t have their jobs if they weren’t beautiful. Trump acts like an animal and then condemns Angelina Jolie for having allegedly been with too many guys, “[Angelina Jolie’s] been with so many guys she makes me look like a baby… And, I just don’t even find her attractive.”

Bill Clinton never spoke of women with this kind of contempt.

It is Donald Trump who consistently treats women like they are less than human. The issue is the chilling predatory contempt with which Donald Trump views women. Donald Trump is a walking trigger for American women. This is the kind of talk that encouraged violence against women, and they know it.

Women are not “its.” We are people, we are human beings, and we must not allow our little girls to learn that dehumanizing a woman is acceptable.